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Careers Week at Eaton Square Senior School

30th November 2022
children leaning on a table to write

This week our students have been engaged in a number of activities and interactive workshops in relation to Careers Week.

Some of the workshops included personality quizzes to help students recognise their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as subject teachers delivering Careers’ sessions during classes and form times.

During our Preparation for Life sessions students were given the opportunity to learn how to articulate and apply communication skills in an interview setting, and discussions around how important eye-contact is, when communicating with individuals from diverse cultures and those that speak other languages. Our Head of Psychology and Preparation for Life, Miss D’Auria said: “It’s been really interesting to see how the students can apply their knowledge, for example of different languages, in discourse around communication skills. Students shared, for example, how eye-contact needs to be appropriate for the audience, because in some cultures it is perceived as a sign on confidence but in others it can be considered threatening”.

We were delighted to welcome Willow (Partner Development Manager) at InvestIN Education to our School. InvestIN is an organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between school and industry, by providing students with an immersive experience of their dream career. Part of Willow’s job is to work with schools to encourage students to start thinking about their career, or next steps, and improve their chances of success once they leave school. Willow’s session with our students focused on the skill communication and its importance in the workplace.

It is said in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: “On average, students will do 12 jobs in their lifetime. This means that their transferable skills are more important than ever before and the best way they can be developing these is through experience!”

Our preparation for Life programme aims to encourage our students to develop a growth mindset and a fuller understanding of who they are as people. By reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses, students learn how to improve across all the different facets of life. If you would like to find out more about our Preparation for Life Programme, visit Preparation for Life | Eaton Square Schools.