Our Nursery Schools

Our Nursery Schools

Learning through Play

Within our Nursery Schools, children experience a calm, positive and happy environment where they will grow into kind, curious and independent young learners.

At this age, learning is dependent on engagement and engagement is strongly linked to play. By providing a structure to harness the power of play, we enable our children to develop their skills, learning abilities and individual personalities in an enjoyable, engaging way.

We also pride ourselves on forging strong home/school links to ensure the children make a confident and happy start to their education.


Our role is to teach children the curriculum, but our responsibility is to teach them the importance of values such as perseverance, integrity and empathy.

The children are surrounded by an environment that is warm, respectful and kind. Our children thrive in this atmosphere and bring those values to their own relationships.

Nursery years can fly by in the blink of an eye, but Eaton Square pupils will forever hold the values they learned during their time with us.

Nurturing Success

Every day is carefully planned by our qualified Early Years team to ensure that the children are offered both child initiated and teacher led activities, as well as indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.

Each week will include enriching activities such as Music, Swimming, Mindfulness and Games which are taught by specialist teachers. There are also daily walks to the park and regular educational regular trips, for example to London Wetlands Centre and Forest School.

Help is available from the Learning Enrichment department for any child who requires additional support.

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Further information about our Nursery Schools

Drop-off and Collection

For Eccleston Nursery children and Reception, drop off is at 8.30am and collection is at 3.30pm.

For Greenhouse Nursery children, drop off is at 8.30am and collection is at 12.30pm.

For The Nest Nursery children with morning places, drop off is at 8.30am and collection is at 12.30pm.

For The Nest Nursery children with full day places, drop off is at 8.30am and collection is at 3.30pm.

To read our Child Collection Policy, please click here.

Parents Evenings

An evening for parents is arranged in both the Autumn and Spring terms. You will be invited to book an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss their progress and look at their Profile and creative displays.


Detailed reports are sent out to parents twice during the year, at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms. They cover each of the areas of learning and detail how well your child is progressing. A short report is also shared at the end of the Spring Term.

Concerts and Events

A Christmas concert is held at the end of the Autumn Term to celebrate the festive season. A Graduation Ceremony takes place at the end of the Summer Term for all children who are moving into Reception.

Parents are invited to attend a range of exciting School events throughout the year, including an Open Music lesson, Swimming Gala and Sports Day which is held at the Millennium Arena in Battersea Park.


The Nursery School children are required to wear an Eaton Square tracksuit and polo shirt as their uniform. Navy blue shorts are available for the Summer months for both girls and boys. We also ask that they wear our blue school smock, over their uniform. These smocks allow the children to work freely and happily in the classroom and get messy without worrying about their uniform. Eaton Square Nursery School smocks are available from the school office The Nursery School. Uniform is available to order from Perry Uniform.

To view our Uniform Lookbook, please click here.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At Eaton Square Nursery Schools, we offer additional support in English to any of our children who may require some extra help. These lessons are taught in small groups and are known as “Chat and Play”. These sessions offer excellent support for children who may have English as their second language and are taught by a specialist teacher.

To read our EAL Policy, please click here.

To read our EYFS Curriculum Policy, please click here.

Learning Support

As with the EAL, we are able to offer learning support to children who may require additional help. Once again, a specialist member of staff is available to support those children who may require some learning support.

To read our SEND Policy, please click here.

To read our EYFS Curriculum Policy, please click here.

Food and Drinks

Our school menu is shared with parents on a weekly basis by email through our Friday communications. To read our Food and Drinks Policy, please click here.

Please see an example of our menu here.


Please read our Safeguarding Policy, which contains information about who you should contact in case of a Safeguarding emergency.