Sixth Form Enrichment

Sixth Form Enrichment

The confines of A Level syllabus’ can  limit the ability of students to explore and satisfy their own intellectual curiosity and academic appetites. Universities are increasingly keen to see evidence of genuine academic interest, of independent learning and of an ability to show a range and breadth of knowledge outside their classroom experience.

Given the increasing national attainment of top A level grades, there is a growing need for students to stand out academically, but also personally, much of which can be achieved by seizing the initiative and undertaking a process of enrichment throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

Opportunities include but are not restricted to:

In many cases this will provide an outlet through which students can satisfy their own personal interests and curiosities, whilst at the same time providing them with experiences that will be evermore valuable when applying to university and the first job.

A focus of Year 12 will be developing leadership. Throughout their time in the Sixth Form, students will receive specific leadership training which in time, can be put into practice by volunteering as a Sixth Form Mentor for Prep School students. There will also be the opportunity of taking on a position of responsibility within school, becoming the pupil voice and helping contribute to change both within the Sixth Form and wider school.