How To Apply

How To Apply

We welcome children to start at Eaton Square in either of our Nursery Schools or the Prep School. Each is located in our three elegant School buildings on London’s historic Eccleston Square.

Pupils usually start in September in either the pre-nursery (ages 2-3), the nursery (ages 3-4) or Reception (aged 4).

We also accept applications out of these standard entry points. These are known as ‘occasional places’ and are strictly limited.

To start any application to Eaton Square, you will first need to register your child here. Please note that places are highly sought-after and early registration is always recommended to avoid disappointment.

All entry requirements are provided below.

If you require further information prior to registering your child, please contact the Registrar here, or call +44 (0) 207 225 3131

Entry Requirements

Joining our Nursery Schools (ages 2-4)

We have several Eaton Square Nursery Schools.

Two are located on the ground floor of the Prep School: the ‘Greenhouse Nursery’ (for 2-3 year olds) and the ‘Eccleston Nursery’ (for 3-4 year olds). The Eccleston Nursery comprises the renowned ‘Beehive’ and ‘Treetop’ classrooms. Children typically enter the Greenhouse Nursery in the September following their second birthday; and the Eccleston Nursery in the September following their third birthday.

In September 2023, we opened Pimlico Nursery for 2-4 year olds. This is located just around the corner from the Prep School.

Places are offered on a first come first served basis.

Early Registration is essential for securing a place in any of our Nursery Schools. Parents can register their child from birth. You can register here.

Once registered, the School will contact the parents with an official offer letter requesting a deposit and signed documentation. As soon as the School receives these, the child’s Nursery place is secured.

Eaton Square Nursery children have priority access to the Prep School. There is an informal, play-based assessment within their Nursery setting (of which they are unaware) and places are offered before external candidates apply.

Contact our Registrar to arrange a visit. Call +44 207 225 3131 or email

Joining our Prep School in Reception (ages 4-5)

If applying from external Nursery Schools, parents can register their child at any stage prior to the formal assessment, which takes place a year prior to entry (when the child is 3).

Once registered, there are two application requirements:

1) Attendance at our informal, play-based assessment morning

2) Reference and/or report from the child’s current Nursery.

The assessment morning takes place on a Saturday in November of the prior-planned entry year. The classrooms are set up with a range of exciting and stimulating activities, enabling the child to explore phonic and numeracy tasks and interact with up to five other children in a relaxed environment.

Offers are sent out following successful completion of the above two criteria.

If a child cannot attend the assessment morning (for example, due to being based overseas), the parents must contact our Registrar using the above contact details.

Other Entry Points

For children applying for Year 1 places and above (ages 5-10) and/or during the academic year, places are allocated based on:

  • Latest School report(s) and Reference Form from the child’s current School
  • Trial Day at Eaton Square Prep School – For children aged 5-6, sometimes a shorter trial ‘session’ in school will suffice
  • Interview with the Head or Principal
  • CAT4 Test

If the child cannot attend the trial day for unavoidable reasons, we can move the admissions process online. However, an in-person assessment is always preferable.

For children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) requirements, an informal EAL assessment is also required.