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Preparation for Life

In addition to studying traditional subjects, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have timetabled Preparation for Life lessons as part of their core curriculum.

During these sessions, we aim to encourage our students to develop a growth mindset and a fuller understanding of who they are as people. By reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses, students learn how to improve across all the different facets of life. We also consider how to better understand others and how to future-proof ourselves so that we may be effective and happy individuals.

In year 10, Preparation for Life takes the form of optional clubs to allow students to pursue their own interests and learning needs. Students are well equipped from the Preparation for Life in years 7-9 to enable them to take this ownership of their own development in year 10. In year 11, the programme becomes even more bespoke, with regular 1:1 mentoring with our Head of Preparation for Life who is specifically qualified in mentoring and coaching.

Continuing into the Sixth Form, students benefit from a mixture of workshops and 1:1 guided support to prepare them for different aspects of life beyond the Sixth Form. This will focus on personal, professional, and practical wellbeing and include developing transferable life skills, employability skills and financial/ lifestyle independence that will prepare them for life at university and beyond. Throughout years 7-13, Preparation for Life is enriched by student voice and a guest speaker programme.

In order to achieve our School aims, we believe that students should regularly reflect on both their personal aspirations and also their responsibilities to the wider community. Sessions encourage students to think beyond the constraints of the curriculum. They are sessions designed around problem solving and teamwork, from code breaking to modelling government, with further skill development such as research skills and public speaking.

The Preparation for Life programme is organic, changing every year in response to student needs, interests and the expectations of universities and employers. In this sense our programme is unique. Parent voice is also welcome so please do get in touch if you have an idea for the Preparation for Life programme, or indeed would like to visit as a guest to share your own knowledge and experiences.

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