House System

House System

The House system was introduced at the School in 2018 to create a vertical community for students to support each other, engage in friendly competition, and band together to make positive contributions within their house, school, and local community.

students playing chess

The Houses are named after distinguished figures associated with our building.

Upon joining Eaton Square Senior School, each student is allocated to one of the four Houses, becoming a member ‘for life’ under the guidance of the other students and teachers within their House. Family members will follow each other into the same House, a tradition which we hope will encourage camaraderie, loyalty, and commitment. All teaching staff are also allocated to a house and each house is led by a Head of House (staff member), House Captains (current Year 10 students) and house representatives (a student from each year group).

The House system also supports the pastoral care of the boys by ensuring that each of them identifies with a smaller, “vertical” community, made up of students in every Year group from Year 7 to Year 11, within the wider school community.

The structure of the House system means that each student has a chance to shine, to discover their own talents and to make a genuine contribution to their school community. House assemblies, events and celebrations allow students to build teamship and kinship vertically and horizontally. Houses provide opportunities for leadership, responsibility, coaching and mentoring.

There are inter-House competitions in numerous academic, sports and cultural activities including music, poetry, maths, science, general knowledge, drama, art, chess, sports and debating.

Our Houses


Named after the first female mathematician, teacher and philosopher.

“Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel, the more truth we comprehend. To understand the things that are at our door is the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond.”

Her work demonstrated philosophically enhanced leadership and equality, two traits in which all students belonging to Hypatia strive to posses in abundance. Whilst leadership is developed, Hypatia also hold teamwork in the highest regard, and work together to create innovative ideas, endeavour to excel within competition and encourage excellence from their peers.


Named after Evelyn Waugh, our house has taken his name because this famous icon of English literature was a member of St James’s gentlemen’s club that was set in the charming building we use today as our school.


Hunlock House is named after the original owner of 106 Piccadilly, Sir Hugh Hunlock. 106 Piccadilly was originally built as a town house for Sir Hugh Hunlock in 1761.

Last year, Hunlock were crowned champions of the House cup, and after two terms of competitive competition in AY 19/20, Hunlock are in first position and on the way to consecutive victories.

Although we have found success over the past two years, we pride ourselves most on having a culture that encourages participation and having fun first.

Our house colour is gold, and this has proven to be a good luck charm in our recent competitions!


Named after Hon Dermot Browne of the Coldstream Guards, who died in battle aged just 21 in 1915. He was a member of the St James Club and the youngest Captain ever to have served in the British Army at the time.