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Interfaith Week

14th February 2023
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Interfaith Week at Eaton Square Senior School

In recognition of Interfaith Week, teaching staff at ES Senior School delivered presentations during the whole school assembly to raise awareness of Interfaith and to highlight that faith is a deeply personal and important aspect of many people’s lives, and how important it is to must be respectful and sensitive to one another.

Section assemblies included a number of activities. Together the students watched the Multifaith Britain video, followed by group discussions about the content and messaging around the video. Students were asked to reflect on and discuss the following questions:

  • Do you think that religious freedom is a good thing and why?
  • Is it important that we encourage faith dialogue in our school community? Do we already do this? Could we do more? What could we dage Religious Dialogue/Into?

Students were then asked to share their faith with the group (only if they were comfortable to do so) or choose a faith they were interested in. They were given 10/12 mins to discuss similarities and differences between their faiths. Such as:

  • Where do they go to worship?
  • How to they demonstrate faith?
  • What are some of the key values of their faith?
  • What are the important festivals/celebrations/rituals?

Each group spent a few minutes feeding back to the class what they learned about one another. The exercise ended with a whole class discussion of whether interfaith dialogue is useful in creating a sense of community.

The ES Senior School community is incredibly diverse and multicultural! Presently there are 41 children enrolled from different countries, which provides an outstanding platform to explore divergent viewpoints and different perspectives. Although British values underpin everything ES Senior do, having a plurality of cultural outlooks enables students to develop a critical lens as well as a strong sense of empathy. ES school community is a microcosm of the global community and this enriches everything the staff and students do as well as preparing students to be thoughtful global citizens.