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Year 8 Outward Bound Trip

13th October 2022
students lined up on the bridge

This term, Eaton Square Senior Schools Year 8 students had an EPIC adventure in the hills of Wales near Aberyfi. Beginning easy with some games on-site like blindfolded trail walks and challenge walls, this was a great team building activity and encouraged the students to work together as a team. Followed by the most challenging task of the week – making their own beds!

All in preparation for the next day when the students were tasked to work as a team to get through a freshwater gorge, waist deep in icy water, avoiding fallen trees and rocks as obstacles, with the occasional chance to sit back and let the fast-flowing current carry them down the path. After being completely soaked head to toe with a quick dip under a little waterfall halfway down, they saw this as an opportunity to jump in the sea, heading out on a boat together to leap in and swim back to the shore.

Then the main attraction – a 2 day hike into the mountains, staying in a cabin that brought them right back to basics, carrying with them their own beds, food rations, and emergency supplies. Sitting together playing card games and chatting by the fire with the most incredible sunset as a backdrop, the teams really bonded and each student displayed exceptional team-work skills.

Safe to say they were all excited to get back home to their comforts and a proper, home cooked meal, but each and every student said they thoroughly enjoyed the trip. They loved the challenge to try something new and really push themselves – an experience they’ll never forget!