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Eaton Square Sixth Form Induction Day

7th October 2022

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” – John Maxwell

We are delighted to share a fantastic piece written by our Year 12 student, Chanel Younes on Eaton Square Sixth Forms Induction Day, which took place at the start of this term.

On our first day of sixth form, we were introduced to the prospect of being a leader, the qualities a leader possesses in their arsenal and how we can personally utilise said qualities to pursue a future filled with success and prosperity.

This workshop was led by Andy and Ella who were amazing at making us feel confident within our natural abilities, which was distinguished through a quick test determining our personalities, and how with this information at hand, we can pursue our sixth form life with a mutual understanding of how each individual works, leading to the creation of meaningful and respectful friendships.

This was all in preparation for later that afternoon where we were due to undertake an escape room called “Cluequest”. This was a trip that was organised by our Head, Mr Lee, alongside our other amazing staff members, to participate in a fun activity to ease ourselves in amongst each other and how we would cooperate in a high stress environment. Despite this being a group activity, we were also given the privilege of making our way to and from the venue ourselves, allowing us to indulge in this newfound independence and responsibility.

The day was wrapped up just after a group photo was taken, marking our first day of what I know to be a great two years ahead of us.

Our stunning Sixth Form only just opened in September 2022, and we are now accepting applications for 2023. If you would like more information about our Sixth Form or would like to register your child, please contact our Admissions Team here.


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