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Year 7 student awarded U11 player of the year 2022 at North Middlesex Cricket Club

4th October 2022
Cricket Award

We were delighted to see our Year 7 student, Jay Jethwa receive an award for U11 Player of the Year 2022 at North Middlesex Cricket Club.

Jay’s highest score was 48 runs!

Jay has been with North Middlesex Cricket Club since the age of 6. Now at almost 12 years old he has been awarded player of the year. From 2021 Jay and his team started their indoor cricket season, and this is where Jay had the opportunity to try different positions.

We asked Jay if he could tell us a little about his experience, here’s what he said:
“I was encouraging the younger years and other people in my team to keep their head up. In cricket, if your head is down your most likely not going to win. So I got the award for being a good team player and performing well throughout the year. This is the first season of me playing outdoor cricket.”

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