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Eaton Square Senior School Celebrates Cultural Diversity Day

20th May 2022
Eaton Square Senior School Celebrates Cultural Diversity Day

Today has been a day of celebrations at Eaton Square Senior School as our students celebrate Cultural Diversity Day. We had a fantastic morning yesterday at the Year 9 and 10 assembly, where a number of our international students talked through presentations about their countries, cultures, festivals, traditional food and clothes. Followed by various quizzes which was a great way to engage all students to share information and to learn more about each other.

A particular highlight was the International Picnic this morning where a number of our students attended school dressed in their traditional clothes and brought in some delicious home-cooked delicacies, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

We are big on celebrating diversity at Eaton Square Senior School, our students thrive by learning alongside – and because of –one another. Friendships are formed across gender, age, and nationality; each one founded in mutual respect and providing a firm foundation for lifelong moral and cultural awareness.

Our school population is representative of the global city in which we are based. This fusion of nationalities truly enriches the mature cultural understanding of our students. Be it through formal discussion or informal recreation, there is no better way for our young adults to learn of and respect the many cultures that form our worldwide community.


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