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GCSE Year 10s Visit the River Chess

5th May 2022

Our Year 10 Geography GCSE students visited the River Chess in North West London to complete the physical geography fieldwork component of their course.

On arrival at the first site in Chesham, where we met our expert Imogen from the Field Studies Council, the students had the chance to experiment with the equipment and evaluate how to measure the river’s characteristics to obtain the most accurate and reliable data. The students agreed on their methods, and worked together to collect the measurements they needed to get an overview of the upper course of the river.

We then moved on to the lower course in Rickmansworth- after a slight delay on having just missed a train resulting in us having lunch on Chesham station which we can all recommend as a lovely spot with park benches and a garden- and replicated our data collection techniques. The added vegetation, noticeably faster flowing and deeper water all made this a more challenging environment to do this accurately. The students worked diligently and eventually had to be told to stop or we would be late back to school, their perseverance was admirable.

The journey home was very quiet, with many students sleeping after their hard day’s work.



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