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Preparation for Life

20th April 2022

How does making paper sunglasses and switching the hand that one brushes their teeth with prepare us for life?

Last term during our KS4 Preparation for Life lesson, students explored the work of Professor Karen Pine, co-founder of “Do Something Different” Flex (dsd.me).

By doing something very simple like making some origami sunglasses, or changing the wrist that we wear our watch on, we can instigate behavioural change by hacking into our autopilot.

The students learnt how small, simple changes can increase our behavioural repertoire in surprising ways. As a tool for the future, being able to access different behaviours for different challenges and being flexible will certainly give our students the edge over other candidates in the world of work and when applying for university.

The world around us is developing rapidly. Many of tomorrow’s careers, infrastructures and technologies do not exist today. To navigate this, we equip all students with the knowledge and skills required to adapt to the world as it changes around them.

Each of our students takes dedicated Preparation for Life lessons as part of their core curriculum. These explore areas such as emotional development, careers education, financial planning, leadership in practice, public speaking skills, mindfulness and positive mental health.


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