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United Nations’ World Day for Cultural Diversity

14th June 2021

Cultural Week was a rewarding five days earlier this term where Form Time and assemblies were dedicated to celebrating neurodiversity and the rich cultural diversity of our Eaton Square Senior School community.

Kick-started by a Monday assembly on neurodiversity, we examined the positives of being different and the importance of accepting others. Other activities throughout the week included:

  • ‘Culture collages’ on form room walls – Pupils attached interesting facts about their culture to the collage, enabling them to find common ground (often that they didn’t know they had!) as well as discovering new traditions and customs.
  • ‘What it means to be British’ – An assembly investigating this concept and the influences that British culture has drawn upon across the years.
  • ‘Guess the Teacher’ quiz – Pupils were given facts about the culture and traditions of a teacher and had to guess which staff member this matched with. The pupils had great fun doing this!

The week culminated in a wonderful international breakfast for the United Nations’ World Day for Cultural Diversity, where pupils wore traditional dress and shared food from one another’s cultures.  Pupils also brought in a sample of their home nations’ cuisine which prompted plenty of tasting and discussion.

At lunchtime we were treated to a variety of foods from the different continents. Kofta, Falafel, Lamingtons, Quiche, Samosas, Russian Salad, Asian Slaw – to name but a few!

Pupils realised that so much could be learnt about their peers simply from what they were wearing, which prompted some excellent discussions. Some comments included:

“I have decided to wear green, white and red today as they represent the national colours of Iran. The Iranian flag feature these colours, with the national emblem on the middle.” – Ryan

“This is a traditional Dara’a which is often worn during Ramadan and on special occasions such as Garangao. This gold detail signifies the importance of family values.” – Fatima 

“I’m celebrating my triple citizenship to USA, Britain and Italy by including all of their national flags in my cap!” – Matteo

A sincere thanks to all pupils, staff and parents for their enthusiasm and engagement throughout the week. We look forward to the next instalment!

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