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Careers Week

14th June 2021

Engineering, medicine, music, law, art, architecture, tech, retail, politics, diplomacy… the list of career sectors available to today’s young people is endless. At Eaton Square Senior School, we strive to ensure that all pupils reach the end of their educational journey as purposeful, respectful individuals with a strong sense of community; self-aware and confident to make their own mark in the world.

A vital way of achieving this is by raising awareness of the career opportunities and pathways available to our entire School community.

As such, we recently celebrated Careers Week. Pupils enjoyed an abundance of activities and guest speeches, allowing them to discover what futures are possible from the subjects they learn at School.

Pupils across Years 7, 8 and 9 listened to accomplished speakers from many sectors. These included:

  • Steven Faux – an award-winning BBC TV composer who has worked around the world (including with David Attenborough and David Tennant)
  • Anne Marie Lee – a radiographer working with the NHS
  • Gavin Georgiadis – a key figure in a media agency

Pupil reflections on the careers talks include:

“It was very interesting because I learnt about how to enter the music industry. I also learnt that if the music is good in a film and really fits the footage of the film, you don’t really notice it! When you make music, you have to have a lot of perseverance. For example, your boss may not like a particular work you’ve created, but may still believe that you can make it, so you have to give even more effort and maybe rewrite some parts of the song.” – Jesper (Year 8)

“The talk was incredibly interesting and I admire how hard people work at the NHS and how many different jobs there are to do. I learnt about how many careers you can explore by having a degree in science and how you can apply this to treat cancer.” – Isabella (Year 9)

Years 7 and 8 were also tasked with designing either the strongest or tallest tower. They explored maths, science and engineering to build their structures. Year 8 pupils made structures out of recycled newspapers, with the aim of holding objects of varying weights.

Enjoy this sample of the work they produced. Fantastic evidence of both maths and engineering; as well as critical thinking, logic and teamwork!