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Which of our Schools are you interested in visiting?

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Eaton Square TEDx Talks

24th June 2020

A huge congratulations to 5 of our Year 6 pupils who have been working extremely hard on their very own TEDx talks. We were delighted to find out last week that their videos were to be published onto the TEDx YouTube channel, which currently has over 25 million subscribers.

The theme was seeing the future clearly, with each pupil writing, performing and filming a TEDx talk each with their own take on idea. Giovanni, Maia, Misha, Chili and Ryan worked really hard to share their ideas with the world, and we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did!

Principal, Sebastian Hepher played his part in supporting the pupils with their talks and had this to say on the topic,

‘Anyone who has ever watched a TEDx talk or attended the event itself, will have been highly impressed with the speaker’s ability to hold an audience, without notes or props, videos or gizmos. It is far from easy and one naturally associates these demonstrations with highly successful adults.

The pupils of Eaton Square who were selected to deliver their own TEDx talks earlier this year have surpassed themselves in their final performances. The topics have been varied, extremely interesting and well researched, and delivered in unique, memorable, believable and engaging styles – I congratulate you all.’

Giovanni (6H) ‘Take one for the team’

Giovanni talks about how football can change the world in his talk, ‘Take one for the team’


Maia (6H) ‘Every heartbeat counts’

Maia shares the experiences she has had with dealing with a heart condition and how it does not dictate how she spends her life.


Michael (6H) ‘Nine business lessons at nine’

Michael speaks about his experiences of being a 9 year old app developer and lists his 9 lessons he has learnt in the process. Remember lesson 9 – download his game!


Chili (6K) Same, same but different

Chili shares her talk on celebrating the differences between everyone on our wonderful planet.


Ryan (6W) Children helping children

Ryan shares his story of his time in India and how it has had a profound effect on how he leads his life.


The children have been working on their videos since February, and the quality of their ideas and presenting skills certainly reflects that – well done to you all, hard work certainly pays off!




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