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3rd April 2020

An excellent way to keep your children busy over the isolation period is to get engaged with cooking!

The Nutrition and Sustainability Team from Holroyd Howe have designed a new concept called “The Home School Bistro” aimed to be a fun and interactive one stop shop for ideas involving food.

The concept includes:

  • A 2-week ‘pick & choose’ menu plan
  • Recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch & supper
  • Educational resources & activities to encourage families to eat healthily and live sustainably
  • Top tips (including health & safety)
  • Family Challenges
  • Home School Bistro Tuck shop

The Home School Bistro provides curriculum based educational resources and activities for children to complete. From learning about food waste and recycling, to understanding the importance of a healthy balanced diet. The Home School Bistro offers ideas and different ways to learn and have fun at the same time!

Going forward they will also be releasing educational videos onto our YouTube channel for parents and pupils to access.

To build on this, we will be launching the ESS Masterchef. We would love for you to have a go at one of the recipes at home, and to send your pictures/videos over to clare.beckwith@eatonsquareschool.com. Once we have a collection of entries, we will share the ideas across our social media platforms as a way of bringing together the Eaton Square community.

Take a look at some of the recipes below!