23rd May 2019

Selected pupils in Year 5 and 6 yesterday attending Westminster Under School Athletics meet – where three schools met to compete against one another in a series of Track and Field events at Vincent Square.

Westminster Cathedral Choir, Westminster Under and Eaton Square U11 teams competed in field events including Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put and Javelin. Eaton Square performed excellently, with particularly outstanding performances from Teagan and Matteo in the Long Jump. Leon and Amelia C excelled in the Javelin, while Beckett and Weronika gave fantastic crowd-forming performances in High jump. Our Shot Putters threw very well, with Elizabeth coming in second in her U11 category.

Track events brought us a great deal of excitement. Ophelia, Chloe, Leon, India, Liza, Ari, Tomas, Teagan, Aydon, Beckett, Alya, Aydon and Madlena offered terrific efforts on the track in their disciplines. Particularly so, our 1500m runners Madlena and Aydon came in first and second with very strong performances.

A brilliant day with support from parents throughout the afternoon. Thank you Westminster Under for having us, and we look forward to seeing you next year!