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Maths Dance

16th May 2019

Yesterday, Maths Dance came in to hold sessions with the Reception and Year 1 children. The concept for Maths Dance is to teach young children Maths in an exciting and engaging way, tapping into the children’s creativity, imagination and self-expression.

Yesterday, they taught ‘Symmetry’ to Year 1 where we got the children to explore symmetrical and asymmetrical positions using their bodies. They got to know where the line of symmetry goes and created beautiful symmetrical balances in pairs.

After the snack time Reception pupils were taught ‘Position, Direction and Movement’. The children explored different directions and positions by moving their bodies up, down, forwards, backwards, sideways, left, right etc. They also practised the mathematical vocabulary through embodied storytelling: the sessions finished with a story where the children imagined they were pirates looking for treasure!

Thank you to Maths Dance for coming in, the children had a fantastic time and learnt lots!