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Hunlock House Charity Week

25th March 2019


Last week, ESM saw their first House Charity Week. Hunlock House had the responsibility of leading the way and setting the bar as high as possible for those to come.


The events that ran throughout the week were varied in their nature and all stemmed from the pupil’s ideas, were planned and run by the pupils.

Initiatives included a morning tuck shop, a homemade lemonade stand, ice cream selling, an after-school film night, and a heritage-themed mufti day. Without a doubt the most anticipated event, and the most successful donation-wise was the ‘Splat-a-teacher’ event, which was so popular it had to be run twice!

Pupils were afforded the opportunity to donate money in order to throw a shaving foam-laden paper plate at a member of staff, with some teachers valuing their integrity higher than others… The whole week was a resounding success, with over £1900 raised by pupils and staff alike for the East African Children’s Project. A huge thank you goes out to the pupils of Hunlock for their initiative and efforts, and to the members of staff who helped the week run smoothly (especially those who received a ‘splatting’).

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