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4th February 2019


We started a new annual tradition here at Eaton Square Mayfair last month, where the whole school takes part in a cross country run around Hyde Park.


This was the first time the school as a whole has participated in a house competition, so there was a high level of excitement and competitiveness running through the air! All 120 pupils and staff were out in the park, enjoying the cold crisp English winter air.

We had two races, one for the junior school, Years 7 and 8 and one for the senior school, Years 9 and 10. All pupils participated in a scenic route in Hyde Park wearing their house colours that looked distinctive as they ran through the trees.

The 2km junior race was the first of the day, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Gould joined in the junior race and they all received fantastic support from the senior pupils.

Results for the junior race:


  • 1st – Tassilo (Y8 – Hunlock)
  • 2nd – Emeka (Y7 – Hypatia)
  • 3rd – Rodrigo (Y8 – Hunlock)


  • 1st – Georgia (Y7 – Waugh)
  • 2nd – Ana (Y7 – Hypatia)
  • 3rd  – Sally (Y8 – Hunlock)

The senior race was a 3km distance that was led by Mr. Green that acted as a hare for the pupils to chase! The juniors gave equal support for the senior runners, some even running part of the way alongside the senior pupils!

Results for the senior race:


  • 1st – Ned (Y10 – Hypatia)
  • 2nd – Sebastian (Y10 – Hunlock)
  • 3rd –  Alex (Y9 – Browne)


  • 1st – Noor (Y9 – Browne)
  • 2nd – Sienna (Y9 – Waugh)
  • 3rd – Carlota (Y10 – Hypatia)

The afternoon went smoothly thanks to the help from all the staff and excellent pupil engagement, commitment and effort for their houses, we could not have asked for a better day (including the weather!)

Results of the competition are:


  • 1st – Hypatia
  • 2nd – Hunlock
  • 3rd – Browne
  • 4th – Waugh


  • 1st – Hunlock
  • 2nd – Hypatia
  • 3rd – Waugh
  • 4th – Browne


  • 1st – Hypatia
  • 2nd – Hunlock
  • 3rd – Waugh
  • 4th – Browne

Well done to all those who raced and won points for their houses.

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