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Trip to National Army Museum

10th December 2018

We started off the day by taking a coach, and when we arrived I was excited because it was my first time going to the National Army Museum. It was a cold and windy day, but I didn’t mind it.

Later on, we entered and we were split into groups. My group went to a poetry writing workshop first. In World War I there were a lot of people who wrote poems. The teacher of the poetry workshop was a soldier; she was very tall and smartly dressed. We got to write our own World War I poems, and there were a lot of props that we could use to help us; we later found out that they were real trench artifacts! We then got to smell some small boxes, and they smelt disgusting. They were smells of the trenches such as phosphine gas, and everyone thought that they were horrible.

After the poetry workshop, we were able to explore the museum galleries, watch a military band, and talk to a panel of women who had served in the armed forces. Some people even read their poems at an open mic session. It was a really enjoyable day!

By Amna Hammad 8S

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