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Food Explorer Update!

19th November 2018

We are continuing the exciting Food Explorer challenge in the Pre-Prep. Last week the children tried the dreaded brussel sprouts (which went down much better than anticipated!) This week they will be trying and tasting mackerel.

The Food Explorer Challenge is where each term, the pupils will receive a food explorers map and once they have tried a new food, the children can place a sticker on on the map to indicate that they have done so. Once the map is full, they are a true food explorer!

This initiative will support pupil’s educational development and understanding about where food comes from, how it has been harvested and how it is eaten. The pupils will also learn about the taste, texture and smell of different foods along with the nutritional benefits it provides.

In the Prep School, the children will be indulging in either tomato or noodle soup lunch this Thursday, coupled with a range of different breads. There will also be a selection of cold meats and cheese on the salad bar, a perfect lunch for the anticipated cold weather.

The Prep School children will also have the opportunity to become a Food Explorer by trying blackberries, either in a blackberry and apple crumble or fruit salad.