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Roundup of the Wales trip!

9th July 2018

After a long coach trip, year 8 students finally reached Aberdovey in Wales, best known for their beautiful seaside resort. Once the pupils dropped off their luggage and made their beds they went off to participate in team building activities and leadership tasks. After dinner they then went for an evening jog on the beach and a swim.

Refreshed after a day of travelling, it was time to get really stuck into the trip by taking part in exciting water sports such as raft building, jetty jumping, rowing and commando crawling. The weather was on our side and managed to take some great photos.

The next day the pupils were to conquer the expedition, where they would travel away from their base and set up camp. Afterwards, the pupils split into two teams and were given their own maps to determine what route they would take and manage what rest breaks they would have and where. As you can imagine, after a 5-and-a-half-hour trek back to camp, they enjoyed more of a chilled-out evening and an early bedtime!

After reflection time and one to one sessions with instructors, the pupils enjoyed ice cream to celebrate all of their achievements and then got on the coach to come home. It was a tough but a very rewarding week!