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IAPS Fencing competition

14th May 2018

Thea Mesomeris in year 5 came third and got the bronze medal (out of 25 girls). She was 9th last year and 3rd this year. Next two years, she will be still in the same age group (U11) and I hope that she would be a potential winner soon.

As for Ophelia Kitching who is in year 4, she fenced very well and she is ranked 10th. She will stay in the same age group the next three years so her result shows great potential for the future.

As for the boys, the best result was Ernesto Chiapinni in year 5 who reached the quarter-final and ranked 6th (out of 55 boys). It’s an amazing result considering that he will be also in the same age group next two years. He got a medal as the top 8 are rewarded in this competition. I also hope that he would be a winner in the future.

Forbes Kitching fenced well too and should be ranked mid-table (around 25th). He lost in the last 32 direct elimination. Cyprus in year 6 also fenced well but lost in the last 64 direct elimination. Both of them will be in the same age group next academic year.

Congratulations to all 5 competitors who represented ESS this year!!