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Belgravia Police visit ESS

21st February 2018

On Monday 19th February we were visited by two police officers from the Belgravia Police Station, who had volunteered their time to come and speak to the children about how to keep safe.  They spoke to children from Reception up to Year 6 on various topics, including road safety and online safety.  Some children even got to try on their uniforms and take their own fingerprints! The sessions were excellent and the children responded really well to the activities.  It was very interesting to see the children’s reactions to some of the discussion points.  

Of particular note for Years 5 and 6 was the importance of continually speaking to your children about their staying safe online and also checking what apps/games/websites they are using.  Some of the Year 6 children spoke about playing games such as Grand Theft Auto (rating 18) and having Facebook accounts and Youtube pages set up in their names, despite the age restrictions placed on these websites.  The pupils are aware of the dangers, but continue to use them. Whilst it may be unrealistic to think they will stop using all of these websites, we would encourage you to ensure you have the appropriate parental restrictions on any devices at home and to regularly check that they are using them safely.



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