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Eaton Square Mayfair in Fabric Magazine

4th September 2017

What will make your school different?

We’re designing our new school and curriculum from a blank slate, which is a big advantage. Often a head knows what direction to take a school in, but it can be difficult because of the inertia from previous years.

How would you describe the atmosphere?

As we’re starting with Years 7, 8 and 9, the school will inevitably have a close family feel. The staff will also be new to the building, so I think there’ll be a real sense of freshness, excitement and enthusiasm.

What extra-curricular activities will you offer?

We’ll continue the sports and activities that are very strong at Eaton Square Prep, including swimming and skiing. We’ll also offer a rowing course for everyone in Year 9. Our pupils will be able to suggest extra-curricular options, too.

How will you balance these with the academic side?

The majority of the timetabled lessons will be devoted to intense academic study. On top of this, there’ll be a measured amount of homework. But I’m keen for it not to be excessive, or to be set when it isn’t necessary.


Press, Senior