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Our team are at the IAPS Ski Championship in Italy!

8th March 2016

Taisia in Year 6 wrote a lovely message telling us all about what they are up to…

Today, we all reluctantly clambered out of bed and plodded down to a magnificent breakfast. After getting all our ski gear ready, we took the bus to the slopes. That woke us up!

Then we went free skiing; we took a very long, creaky and ancient chairlift up. Lots of squeals accompanied the girls’ terrified faces looking down.

Later came a fabulous lunch! Nevertheless, we still managed to get some excellent slalom practice completed! Followed by the trek which Jesse Owens would not be able to complete! Then we all dragged our worn out bodies back to the hotel.

I have no idea how, but some people went to the gargantuan pool! Later, we had dinner and eventually, we thankfully went to bed.

Tomorrow is the qualifications! Good luck!


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