23rd June 2015

Our congratulations once again to Rocco F, who participated in the EYC 2015 on Saturday.  There were 85 boys entered in the U11 Category and this was the biggest, most important and official competition Rocco has faced to date.  Rocco did very well only losing one match (which went to time 2-3) and managing to rank first in his pool.  He achieved an overall ranking of 11 after the Pools.  He had earned himself a Bye in the L128, he went on to win his Direct Elimination in the L64.  He was unfortunate to loose the Direct Elimination of the L32, after bumping up against an unknown regulation which unfortunately dented his composure going into the match. His final position was 18th out of 85, which is another excellent result to build on.


Rocco Fencing


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