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London Schools Association Swimming Finals June 2015

17th June 2015

London Schools Swimming Association (LSSA) Finals results 2015

On Wednesday 10th June, nineteen qualified ESS swimmers took part in the annual LSSA finals at JAPS School. Twenty-five other London Schools also participated. The results were simply staggering! All the swimmers swam their absolute best and many individual medals were won. Also, not only did ESS come first (with an amazing 95 points) in the ‘Mixed School’ category, but the boys’ team also came second overall. Many congratulations to all the swimmers who took part. The standard in the pool has risen yet again!


Female Finalists:

Name/s Event Result
Carolina Abdo, Bianca Antonucci, Leili Shirvani, Isabella Linares Medley Relay 10th
Carolina Adbo, Isabella Linares, Leili Shirvani, Bianca Antonucci Freestyle relay 12th
Silvia Gil Alberdi, Taisia Novoselova, Alex Vasilev, Lola Megia U10 Freestyle Relay 11th
OVERALL 17th position


Male Finalists:

Name/s Event Result
Juan Miranda, Patrick Hughes, Harry Sinclair, Pietro Ferraresi U10 Freestyle relay 1st
Tom Winfield, Maxim I-G, Henry Gray, Luka Boyle Freestyle Relay 2nd
Juan Miranda, Harry Sinclair, Patrick Hughes, Pietro Ferraresi Medley Relay 2nd
Juan Miranda 25m Freestyle 5th
Pietro Ferraresi 25m Freestyle 2nd
Harry Sinclair 25m Breaststroke 1st
Maxim I-G 25m Breaststroke 6th
Luka Boyle 25m Backstroke 6th
Patrick Hughes 25m Butterfly 4th
Henry Gray 25m Butterfly 6th
OVERALL 2nd position



Mixed (small schools) finalists:

Name/s Event Result
Henry Gray, Matteo Russo, Hugo Monge, Ben Hedger Medley Relay 3rd









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