Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Eaton Square Senior School is designed to provide a broad and rich experience for all of our pupils. Years 7, 8 and 9 provide a firm platform for the next stage of education for Year 10 and 11 during which the pupils prepare for their GCSE examinations.

The breadth of our curriculum offered means that pupils experience linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative education. We ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to learn and make progress by balancing the different subject areas across the timetable and offering choice to encourage pupils to take subjects suited to their preference and ability.

Results are important, but the measure we are most interested in is the extent to which each pupil realises their ambitions and perceived potential. A curriculum structure which provides balance and flexibility, which supports and encourages choice and which provides appropriate subjects for different ability levels is the basis on which good results are built. Equally important are good pastoral care and a strong independent work ethic, both of which are central to what we do.

We regularly review our curriculum and welcome feedback from pupils and parents. The demands on education do not stand still and our curriculum is reviewed and developed to ensure that the changing needs of the pupils are constantly met.

So many opportunities lie in front of our children.
At a time of change, education must adapt to ensure we’re helping them access the best possible chances.

Sebastian Hepher, Principal, Eaton Square Schools