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Junior Regional Swimming Finals: Eaton Square Prep School takes home 25 medals

1st November 2023
A group of Eaton Square Prep School pupils wearing the

Pupils from Year 2 to 6 competed at the Independent Schools Association (ISA) Sport London West Junior Regional Swimming Finals on Wednesday 1st November, placing second overall out of 17 schools.

The collective and individual efforts of the following students played a pivotal role in this outstanding success.

Year 6s, Ester, Jenny, Gabby, and Ruanna achieved gold
Year 4s, Joseph, Tair, Roman, and Year 2, Jizhou achieved gold
Year 4s, Grace, Poppy, Diana, and Dasha achieved gold
Year 6s Cyrus, Salavat, David, and Michael achieved bronze

Year 6, Cyrus achieved gold in 50m butterfly
Year 6, Gabby achieved gold in 50m butterfly and gold in 50m freestyle
Year 6, Ester achieved bronze in 50m breaststroke
Year 3, Poppy achieved gold in 50m freestyle
Year 4, Joseph achieved bronze in 50m Freestyle
Year 4, Tair achieved silver in 50m backstroke and silver 50m breaststroke
Year 4, Dasha achieved silver in 50m backstroke

Staff, students, and parents proudly came together to honour these outstanding athletes, recognising their talent, dedication, and effort.